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Bankruptcy is a chance for a financial do-over. If you are in over your head and cannot make payment, bankruptcy is an option you should consider. Bankruptcy is one of the most powerful and effective tools in the fight for financial recovery.

Bankruptcy can:

  • Prevent foreclosure of your home

  • Prevent repossession of your car

  • Reduce or eliminate certain debts

  • Provide an orderly and affordable way to deal with your creditors.

Things to know:

  • Every bankruptcy case is unique

  • Lots of people file bankruptcy

  • Entirely feasible to repair your credit post-bankruptcy

  • Taking action to reduce debt can help reduce stress

Other Options

Bankruptcy is not your only choice. In certain situations, other tools such as debt negotiation, or loan modification, will be more practical, and we can guide your financial recovery with those tools as well.



Our goal is to move you towards financial recovery, using whichever tool will work best for you in your situation. We can help you choose the most effective tool for your situation.

Tax Liabilities 

One of the benefits of bankruptcy is the opportunity, not otherwise available, to reduce or completely eliminate certain Tax Liabilities. To learn which are and which are not, contact us for a consultation.

Bankruptcy Filing
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