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Dealing with horses requires an understanding of the unique factors particular to horses. We are lawyers who posses this unique understanding.

Our experience in the purchasing, selling, leasing, boarding, breeding, showing, transporting, and medical issues, in combination with the depth of our business law experience provides you with an edge.

We represent private individuals and business entities alike.

Common Areas of Conflict

Over the years, we have found that the most common, and most preventable, areas of conflict for horse owners tend to be in the following areas:  

Private Interests

If you own, lease, rent, or are even just like horses, we can help you figure out the next step.  Having seen and dealt with almost all aspects of the horse world, we can provide you the comfort of skilled, knowledgeable counsel whenever you need it. 

Commercial Equine and Ranch Operations

We represent commercial interests in both the equine and ranch industry, focusing on business growth, risk mitigation and market solidification.  

Partners, shareholders, and members all add additional layers of issues to the business of horses. Knowledge and experience is rarely equal among the various members of the business.


Keeping the balance of power tilted in favor of business success is challenging, but critical. Our goal for our clients is to structure the business to empower the necessary positions to grow and maintain the business. 

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Risk Management

There is risk in everything that we do, and horses are no exception.  likewise, accidents happen, and when horses are involved they can be serious.  We can help you manage your risk at a level your comfortable with no matter how your involved in the equine world.  

While true that Arizona has enacted a statute regarding equine risk, the courts have ruled that protections afforded under the statute are not nearly as broad as many people believe.  When problems arise, what matters is what the court believes, not what "people" believe because only the court has the power to impose its view of the law.


Talk to us before the problem arises and we can help you understand how to protect yourself.

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