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Boarding your horse at a facility involves dealing with management, employees and other boarders, among other things. The best way to ensure your happiness is a solid understanding of what the deal really is, and what you can, and cannot do. We can help you understand the details of the deal and help you ensure that both you and your horse are properly protected.  

We also work with boarding facilities. Each boarding facility presents a certain look and feel to their boarders, and the top boarding facilities choose their "look and feel" carefully to attract their desired customer base.  We work with our boarding facilities clients to hone the "look and feel" and develop general operating procedures, rules, and employee guidelines designed to fit, and reflect, their "look and feel". We also provide boarding agreements, waivers, releases, veterinarian emergency releases, and deal with stablemen's (Agister’s) liens on unpaid boarding bills, employee agreements, and other documents as needed, that reflect the "look and feel" of the boarding facility.


Training horses or people is a service that can encompass a wide variety of services.  We can help you define the services that you will be offering, create structured services, define and limit care, custody and control liability, in addition to general liability.

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